Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The mysterious objects found in Stonehenge woman's grave are going on display at the visitor centre.

Mysterious jewellery and belongings of a woman so important she was buried at a prime spot overlooking Stonehenge are going on display at the monument's visitors' centre for the first time.

Archaeologists and historians are still baffled by some of the items found alongside the body of a woman buried in one of the dozens of burial chambers that line the ridges all around the horizon from Stonehenge.

But of all the barrows and graves that have been investigated, none have produced more incredible, well-preserved or mysterious artefacts than the one of the woman of Normanton Down.

This Easter the objects are going on display for the first time at the Stonehenge Visitors' Centre, with tourists asked to ponder what they could be and why they might have been buried with her.

Full story and image gallery in The Western Daily Press

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