Thursday, 5 December 2013

Stonehenge Empire Mini-Series Co-Pro Sells Worldwide

MONTREAL: Stonehenge Empire, a tentatively titled factual mini-series co-produced by October Films, Lightship Entertainment and Interspot Film, is headed to a handful of broadcasters around the globe.
Stonehenge Empire has been licensed by BBC Two in the U.K., Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Smithsonian Channel in the U.S., France 5, Austria's ORF and Germany's ZDF. The 2x1-hour special centers on an archeological project that has been taking place at Stonehenge for decades. It will use dramatic reconstructions and CGI to illustrate how the site looked back in the day.
Adam Bullmore, the creative director at October, said: "Stonehenge Empire will dramatically change the way we understand Stonehenge and the prehistoric culture that flourished around it. Instead of seeing Stonehenge as an extraordinary achievement of an otherwise relatively primitive, prehistoric people, it will reveal Stonehenge as the epicenter of a truly remarkable and highly sophisticated ancient civilization."
Martin Davidson, BBC's commissioning editor for history and business programming, added: "This is a really exciting project which will, using drama, CGI and the latest archeological discoveries, allow us to properly understand the achievements and character of the people that built it; people who mastered deep mining, sophisticated engineering, textile manufacturing, ship-building, 'micro' gold-working, metallurgy, glass making, overseas trade and complex astronomy and mathematics."
By Joanna Padovano

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