Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Stonehenge and the Ice Age: Skeletons, Secrets, Stonehenge and Skulduggery

Stonehenge and the Ice Age: Skeletons, Secrets, Stonehenge and Skulduggery: I have been taking another look at the Channel 4 programme called "Secrets of the Stonehenge Skeletons" and have paused it in ...


  1. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to see the program, as it is yet to be broadcast in the US. Nevertheless, I'm in the process of digesting the opinions of many reviewers on the broadcast. There are a lot of these!

    In regard to the image as posted on this thread - what is it of?
    It looks like a kind of generic henge-structure with 2 causeways across it. It also appears to have as many as 56 holes-&-posts around the diameter.
    Perhaps it's supposed to be a rendition of an early Marden Henge? Maybe a scaled-down Avebury?
    It would be interesting to find out what the picture represents, because the last thing I think of when I see it is Stonehenge.
    Call me a nit-picker, but the Ditch is inside and there's no North Barrow.
    ND Wiseman

    1. The image is taken from the Channel 4 television programme 'The Secrets of Stonehenge' first screened on 10 March in the UK.
      The image is a visualisation of Parker Pearson's "first Stonehenge" with Welsh bluestones in the 56 Aubrey Holes.
      The programme is a summary, if you like, of Parker Pearson's investigations into the Stonehenge landscape over the last few years and really quite sad - very little fact, much speculation and doesn't help archaeology much at all.