Monday, 2 July 2012

Stonehenge - education volunteers wanted

The English Heritage Education team are looking for volunteers to help meet and greet educational groups of all ages and nationalities at Stonehenge. All you need is enthusiasm for working with young people and good communication skills.


Key Tasks
Meet education groups, of all ages and nationalities, arriving at Stonehenge
Provide 5-10 minute introduction  and site orientation, before teachers lead their own tour

Hours and Time Frame
Weekdays (Wed – Fri) from September to October and March to July. Shifts will last 3-4 hours, from approximately 9.30am – 1.30pm or 12.30pm – 4.30pm.   We ask for availability in advance and use a rota system.  Volunteers can choose the days which suit them best and as often as suits them.  Training and induction to take place before volunteering commences.   We are looking for volunteers to start in September 2012 with an induction day on 22nd August at our Salisbury office.

Skills and Qualities
Confidence to talk to groups of teachers and students of all nationalities
Good communication skills
An interest in Stonehenge, history or heritage
An interest in working outdoors
Ability to work as part of a team
Flexible and adaptable

Support and Training
A one-day induction
Meet and Greet talk outline and opportunities to practise your talk with other volunteers
Ad hoc, one-to-one training will be provided based on the needs of the volunteer
What English Heritage Expects from Volunteers
Maintain good working relationships with staff, other volunteers and members of the public
Attend appropriate training and learn about the work of English Heritage
Be reliable in attendance
Observe organisational policy and procedures
Protect English Heritage property from theft, damage or loss, within the limit of their responsibilities
To safeguard confidential information about English Heritage and refer any controversial matters relating to the work of English Heritage to their manager

Other Information
Volunteers may be reimbursed for travel costs between home and volunteering location
A Volunteer Pass allowing free access to English Heritage sites is available after a satisfactory period of 4 months and the completion of 60 hours of service
A certificate for your personal profile to demonstrate work carried out for English Heritage to show future employers or further education

How to apply
To register your interest see how to apply.


Stonehenge Tour Guide

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