Thursday, 8 September 2011

Stonehenge: Researchers recreate the sound of a ritual heard there 4,000 years ago

“Visitors to Stonehenge in Wiltshire rarely experience the historic site without the rumble of traffic noise from the nearby A303. But UK researchers have managed to recreate the sound of a ritual there, as heard by our ancestors 4,000 years ago. The research – which starts in an echo-free recording chamber and uses latest computer modelling techniques – has also been used to recreate the acoustics of Coventry Cathedral before it was destroyed in World War II.”

Hearing the Past can be heard on BBC Radio 4 at 1102 BST on Monday 12 September, and on BBC iPlayer.

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  1. Might the other portals of stonehenge, the ones believed to be rituals have belonged to the Winds? As suggested in the Book of Enoch?