Tuesday, 30 August 2011

King Arthur leads Stonehenge ceremony

DRUIDS held a multi-faith ceremony at Stonehenge yesterday to mark the third anniversary of the removal of Human remains from the site.

King Arthur Pendragon is leading a ‘day of action’ at the site of the ancient stones just a week after losing a High Court bid to have the cremated bones reburied.

Mr Pendragon is fighting a Ministry of Justice decision made last year which enabled scientists at Sheffield University to analyse samples removed from the site for five more years.

Mr Pendragon, 57, wants the remains to be reburied immediately.

His bid was rejected at a High Court hearing in London on August 23 by Mr Justice Wyn Williams who ruled there was insufficient evidence to show that the Ministry of Justice had acted unreasonably.

The cremated remains of more than 40 bodies, thought to be at least 5,000 years old, were removed from a burial site at Stonehenge in 2008 and ministers gave permission for the bones to be examined at the university until 2015.

Mr Pendragon said: “These Human remains have lain there as the guardians of Stonehenge for more than 5,000 years and we believe they should be returned. We don’t believe they should be treated with such disrespect.

We’re holding a multi-faith picnic as we believe this is not just a Pagan issue – it’s about common decency.”

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Friday, 12 August 2011

Did Dinosaurs Build Stonehenge?

A short funny video of Eric Idle on the 1981 broadcast of “Steve Martin’s Best Show Ever” debating whether Dinosaurs built Stonehenge.

Must be a quiet 'Stonehenge news' week.  Its not all serious.................

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Underwater Stonehenge discovered ?

Has a crashed UFO been found on ocean floor?

A Millennium Falcon style UFO has been discovered on the bottom of the ocean between Finland and Sweden… maybe… probably not.

But that's exactly what some people are claiming sonar images of a 60ft disc-shaped object, taken by ship-wreck hunters, reveal.
The bizarre discovery was made by a team from Ocean Explorer as they scanned the 300ft deep ocean floor for a sunken wreck containing several cases of expensive champagne.

Lead researcher Peter Lindberg says the round object could is surrounded by scars on the earth which could be where the craft landed and skidded along… slightly more sensibly he also suggests it could be an underwater Stonehenge.

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