Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Solving Stonehenge - The New Key to an Ancient Enigma

If you are going to visit Stonehenge then I highly recommend reading this book first
Solving Stonehenge - The New Key to an Ancient Enigma
Astronomy or Architecture?
The construction of Stonehenge reflects the empirical discovery of mathematical truths. Its design embodies the elegant and universal symbolism of numbers and geometry. 4,500 years ago Neolithic surveyors and engineers understood and employed the relationships between squares and circles. They accurately created polygons which included hexagons pentagons decagons; the classic 30 sided figure which determined the positions of the Sarsen Circle (a 'triacontagon') is itself a product of these fundamental shapes.

The 'horseshoe' form of the central array was derived from the same markers that determined the position of the Sarsen Circle. Beyond the circle, the four 'Station Stones' sit in perfect spatial and geometric relationship with the central group. A modern preoccupation with 'alignments' has masked the elegantly simple formulae used by the prehistoric designers.

" This is a wonderful book--the most attractive, readable, sensible, and most comprehensive exploration of Stonehenge available. Happily, it rises above the arcane astronomical theories so fashionable in recent years, emphasizing what can be truly seen on the ground, not on what some claim to see in the sky. It is a haunting, graceful tribute to prehistoric genius, Neolithic administrative expertise, premeditated geometric design, and careful peg and cord surveying. For 15 centuries, the actual experience of creating and recreating Stonehenge was probably equal to the glory of the final product itself. Johnson (Oxford) finds his evidence in both the existing monument and in early British sketches, particularly the meticulous 1740 work of John Wood. In April 2008, for the first time in four decades, a tiny archaeological excavation was permitted at Stonehenge. Its full results have not yet
been published, but they will be minor adjustments. Johnson's present synthesis will stand the test of time. The book is a tribute to him and to the high standards of Thames & Hudson, and should be profitable, delightful reading for everyone.

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