Friday, 22 April 2011

Standing Stones?

Why do archaeologists and historians keep telling us that ancient Neolithic monuments were built so that the farmers knew when to plant their crops?

If you had decided to give up the old “hunt it, kill it, eat it, move on” lifestyle and had opted for keeping your slippers by your own regular fireplace, it seems to me that you would have more important things to do than drag massive blocks of stone from all over the country to some windswept, rain-sodden plain, knock the things into some kind of shape with your piece of stone or your copper hammer if you were lucky enough to be in an advanced civilization, then lift the things so that they stood upright in some kind of formation? Just so you knew when to plant the cabbages next year. Not something you could knock together over the weekend, is it?

These megalithic structures must have taken years and years to construct if we accept the methods that are “proven” to us in documentaries. Hundreds if not thousands of people would have worked day in and day out to get these things built. Workers would grow old and die and the next generation would step in and continue the massive task. When was there even time to tend the crops and look after their meagre herds of animals?

Stone is not easy to work without modern tools, yet many of these structures feature joins and edges that would be difficult to replicate using today’s technologies. The perfect astronomical alignments that turn up over and over again surely speak of people who were concerned with much more than plotting the rising and setting of the Sun so they could plant their crops in the spring.
Is it really too fanciful to suggest that all of this effort was for another purpose beyond our current understanding and that, perhaps, the ancient builders used technologies that we have not yet “rediscovered”?

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  1. Hi, what a great piece. Funny how it is word for word the same as the piece I posted on 19 April on my blog site Flattering as this is I do feel that you should, at least, credit me for writing it.

  2. The publication records show us that it's not archeologists who insist that Stonehenge was some kind of Neolithic calendar. Far from it, we have been trying to get people to think about exactly what you are saying for years!

  3. Hi sarsen56, my original article (, which this is directly copied from, had no reference to Stonehenge at all, and was not about Stonehenge but was aimed at the general view of Megalithic structures the world over.

  4. Does anybody read this site or these comments - let alone reply to them