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Stonehenge Tours from Salisbury City

Stonehenge Guided Tours from Salisbury  Journey back in time to discover Stonehenge, probably the most sophisticated stone circle in the world. Our hop-on hop-off tour picks up in Salisbury city centre and runs to Old Sarum, through the beautiful Wilshire countryside to the magnificent, magical henge.

You can buy an all-in-one ticket that gives you admission to Stonehenge as well as the tour, or just pay for the tour and enjoy the ride through the Wiltshire landscape.

Stonehenge evolved from a simple bank and ditch in the Neolithic period, some 5,000 years ago, to a very sophisticated stone circle built on the axis of the midsummer sunrise. The bluestones were brought 240 miles from the Preseli mountains in Wales.

There are many stories about the significance of Stonehenge. It may have been an astronomical observatory or used for sacred rituals linked to the sun, successful crops or even the dead. We simply don’t know, but you can learn about them on the audio tour at the site - it’s in 10 different languages.
You can find out more about the history of the site, and view photos and videoclips, at the English Heritage Stonehenge page.
Old SarumThe tour takes you by Old Sarum, a huge earthwork raised in about 500BC by Iron Age settlers, and later occupied by Romans, Saxons and Normans. They built a castle and a royal palace, and by the mid-12th century it was a busy town with a fine new cathedral.

Lack of water and squabbles between church and military lead to the building of a new settlement by the river, now known as Salisbury. Old Sarum was abandoned and fell into ruin. If you want to take a look at the site, you can get off the tour and rejoin later on - your ticket lasts all day.
from 16 October
Winter timetable:Salisbury rail station 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400
Salisbury bus station 1010 1110 1210 1310 1410
Old Sarum 1016 1116 1216 1316 1416
Old Sarum 1025 1125 1225 1325 1425
Stonehenge arrive 1033 1133 1233 1333 1433
Stonehenge depart 1040 1140 1240 1340 1440 1540
Old Sarum 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600
Salibury Blue Boar Row 1106 1206 1306 1406 1506 1606
Salisbury rail station 1111 1211 1311 1411 1511 1611

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Enjoy your visit to Stonehenge
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